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                          Energy Education program Teaches the Basics and Complexities

                          of Renewable Energy

        Joe Phillips
        Osseo-Fairchild School District                                           Explore the future of Energy at osseo-fairchild’s
            There is certainly no doubt that we are in the
        midst of an energy transformation. From fossil                            1st annual High School Energy fair
        fuels to renewable sources, the way we harness
        useful energy is experiencing a major shift. Prior                           We are in the midst of an unprecedented   eat in the commons or outside.
        to  the  industrial  revolution,  our  energy  needs                     change in energy usage, conservation, tech-  Students who attend this event will see
        were relatively modest. In modern times, and as                          nological advances, and career opportunities.   some  of  the  technology  advances  before
        we proceed into the future, our energy needs and                         This  is  an  unparalleled  opportunity  to  see   ANY other students in our area. From actual
        demands are growing at an unprecedented rate.                            what these changes look like, what our future   hydrogen fuel demonstrations, experts dem-
        How we capture that energy to meet our growing                           is  moving  toward,  and  how  our  students   onstrating  the  future  of  battery  storage,  or
        needs is of great concern. “rolling blackouts”                           AND staff can both grow and benefit from   local  school  districts  showing  how  they
        during summer months is a frequent phrase used                           the changes.                      measure  energy  loss  using  drones,  the
        in many locations.                                                           The first annual high school Energy   opportunity  to  see  this  all  in  one  place  is
            Now, let’s consider the other focus of our                           Technology Fair is being held at the Osseo-  unbelievably unique.
        energy shift: our loved ones. I have two beauti-                         Fairchild  High  School  Campus  on  October   Staff  who  attend  will  not  only  get  to
        ful young children who are going to continue to                          11! Sponsored by Xcel Energy, this immer-  experience the same technology that students
        grow up in a world that is experiencing a shift                          sive experience is unlike anything high school   witness,  but  will  also  receive  lesson  plans
        in habitability unlike anything we’ve witnessed.                         students  or  staff  has  experienced  before!   and  rEAL  solutions  to  implementing  this
        Mass migrations, extreme weather events, and                             Solar? Yes!  Wind  turbines? Yes!  Hydrogen   into your classes (or building new renewable
        have you noticed that smoke from the unprec-                             fuel cells? Yes!                  energy  classes  altogether).  The  resources,
        edented wildfires? You too have loved ones that   District,  we’ve  chosen  to  offer  a  pathway  to   This  is  an  all-day  event  that  begins  at   networking,  and  curriculum  provided  will
        are living in a changing climate. What will their   students  that  will  directly  impact  the  lives  of   9:00  am  in  the  Osseo-Fairchild  auditorium   allow you and your school to see how realis-
        future hold?                        families,  the  future  of  sustainability,  and  the   and concludes at 2:00 pm. Schools in atten-  tic it is to teach your students and community
            The  success  of  our  future,  no  matter  the   health of our planet. This pathway, termed our   dance  will  be  allowed  a  maximum  of  25   about energy.
        topic of choice, has always lied with the educa-  “Energy Education Program,” emerges students   students and will be responsible for their own   Details
        tion of our children. What we teach them now   into  both  the  basics  and  the  complexities  of   transportation.  Students  should  bring  their   josephphillips/events
        leads to the choices they’ll make in the future.   renewable energy.     own lunch and will have the opportunity to
        Our future. Here at the Osseo-Fairchild School   Continued on page 12
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