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                       glodowski Selected as 2023 Wisconsin History Teacher of the Year

                                                                                   In  addition  to  a  $1,000  honorarium,   “Justin’s interactive approach to improv-
                                                                                Glodowski receives a core archive of Amer-  ing student learning is apparent when looking
                                                                                ican  history  books  and  Gilder  Lehrman   at his commitment to his instructional prac-
                                                                                educational  materials  and  recognition  at  a   tice, classroom environment and involvement
                                                                                local ceremony in their honor, and becomes   with  local  and  state  organizations.  He  con-
                                                                                one  of  53  finalists  for  the  2023  National   tinues to establish himself as an educational
                                                                                History Teacher of the Year Award.   leader, inspiring mentor, and lifelong learner
                                                                                   Justin  Glodowski  is  in  his  13th  year   in  the  field  of  Social  Studies.  Our  students
                                                                                teaching high school social studies. He cur-  and staff at Marshfield High School are very
                                                                                rently  teaches  AP  US  Government  and   fortunate to have the opportunity to learn and
                                                                                Politics,  AP  Comparative  Government  and   grow with Justin on a daily basis. We’d like to
                                                                                Politics,  and  Genocide  and  Human  rights   congratulate Justin for receiving this incred-
                                                                                and has a master’s degree in Teaching Ameri-  ible  recognition,  it  is  well  deserved!”,  said
                                                                                can  History  and  Government  from  a  local   Jackson  Hein,  Principal  at  Marshfield  High
                                                                                university.  He  has  served  in  the  Wisconsin   School.
                                                                                Council  for  the  Social  Studies  as  a  board
                                                                                member, Vice President, and, more recently,
                                                                                as President. Justin has also worked with the
                                                                                National  Constitution  Center  and  the  retro
                                                                                report on teacher advisory groups.

                                                                                Calling all Elementary Teachers Who

            Justin Glodowski Named 2023 Wiscon-  nation’s  leading  organization  dedicated  to   love Teaching Math or Science!
        sin History Teacher of the Year as the Gilder   K–12 American history education.
        Lehrman Institute Celebrates 20 Years of the   Inaugurated in 2004 and now celebrating
        National History Teacher of the Year Award   its twentieth anniversary, the History Teacher                is  here  to  support  you  --  we  can  match  you
        Marshfield School District          of  the  Year  award  highlights  the  crucial                         up  with  a  one-on-one  PAEMST  application
            Justin  Glodowski,  a  teacher  at  Marsh-  importance of history education by honoring                mentor,  and  PAEMST  itself  offers  national
                                                                                                                   webinars  to  support  different  aspects  of  the
        field High School, has been named the 2023   exceptional American  history  teachers  from                 application process.
        Wisconsin  History  Teacher  of  the  Year,  an   elementary school through high school. The
        award  presented  annually  by  the  Gilder   award  honors  one  K–12  teacher  from  each                Who Can Nominate
        Lehrman  Institute  of American  History,  the   state,  the  District  of  Columbia,  Department              You can nominate yourself, or a colleague,
                                            of Defense schools, and US Territories.
                                                                                                                   or both! Nomination is just the first step. The
                                                                                                                   nominee  then  puts  together  their  application
        How To Nominate Someone for                                                Nominations are now open for the Presi-  for  the  award.  This  is  a  great  opportunity  to
                                                                                                                   highlight your teaching, but also your students’
        Wisconsin Teacher of Year                                               dential Awards for Excellence in Mathematics   mathematical or scientific thinking.
                                                                                and Science Teaching (PAEMST)!
                                                                                                                   application Components
                                                                                   PAEMST are the highest honors bestowed
                                            that includes regional and statewide selection                           •  Administrative  Component  (Letters  of
                                            committees. A total of 86 public school educa-  by the United States government specifically for   recommendation & resume)
                                            tors receive a Herb Kohl Teacher Fellowship   mathematics, science, or STEM teaching. The   •  Narrative  Component  (Lesson  Plan  &
                                            Award  annually.  The  award  includes  both  a   award recognizes those teachers who use their   Written responses to the Five Dimensions
                                            $6,000 personal grant and a $6,000 matching   deep content knowledge and pedagogical skills   of Outstanding Teaching)
                                                                                to support and leverage students’ strengths to be
            Wisconsin  selects  five  (5)  Teachers  of   grant for their school.  successful in learning mathematics or science.  •  Video Component (30 minute classroom
        the Year (TOY) annually to represent Elemen-  After the Kohl Fellows are selected, DPI   research  suggests  that  students  often   video)
        tary Schools, Middle Schools, High Schools,   engages a group of stakeholders to use those   decide whether or not they’re a “math person”
        and  Special  Services.  Through  an  interview   86  applications  to  select  the  five  Wisconsin   “science  person”  or  “STEM  person”  early  in   Timetable for Nominating and applying
        process, one of the five is selected to represent   Teachers of the Year.  elementary  school,  and  that’s  hard  to  change   •  Nominations are now open! Nominate by
        Wisconsin in the CCSSO National Teacher of   Teachers can be nominated by students,   later. That has to do as much with self-concep-  January 8th.
        the Year program. DPI considers all five of its   parents, other teachers, community members,   tion as systemic bias.   •  Application materials due February 6
        TOYs as a Teacher of the Year and does not   or administrators. All PK–12 classroom teach-  Wisconsin educators in elementary grades   •  State Finalists are notified by the end of
        give special designation to the one chosen to   ers  who  plan  to  continue  teaching  in  their   sometimes  don’t  self-identify  as  outstanding   March
        represent the state in the National Teacher of   current  or  similar  capacity  for  a  minimum   teachers  of  mathematics  or  science  because
        the Year program.                   of 50% full-time equivalency for at least the   they teach many subject areas. “We need more   The  Wisconsin  selection  committee  for
            The road to become a Wisconsin Teacher   upcoming school year are eligible to be nomi-  people to see themselves as math and science   mathematics can send up to three state finalists
        of  the  Year  starts  when  teachers  are  nomi-  nated  and  apply.  Pre-school  4K  teachers  in   people,  so  their  students  do  too,”  Wisconsin   to the national round each year. The national
        nated for a Herb Kohl Educational Foundation   community-based centers must teach in a 4K   Department of Public Instruction Science Con-  selection  committee  can  choose  one  awardee
        Teacher Fellowship Award.           program that is affiliated with an elementary   sultant Kevin Anderson said.  from the finalists. The same is true for science.
            Once  nominated  by  a  student,  parent,   school or school district and must be a cur-  Learn  more  about  this  White  House-  Have Questions?
        administrator,  or  peer,  the  teacher  must   rently licensed teacher in Wisconsin.  sponsored award, administered by the National
        submit an application for a Kohl Fellowship.   Learn more at:  Science  Foundation  (NSF)  by  visiting  the   Contact  Julie  Bormett  for  math  (Julie.
        Applications  go  through  a  review  process   program/selection-process  PAEMST website at The DPI  or  Kevin Anderson  for
                                                                                                                   science! (
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