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        page 8 | Manufacturing today Wi | spring 2021, Volume 1                                           electronic edition:

                       Bay link Manufacturing  offers green Bay students real-World
                       Manufacturing Job experience

                                                                                true Bay Link experience.”         will be a great learning tool for our students,”
                                                                                   Since  returning  to  in-person  learning,   Belongia  said.  “Companies  typically  like  to
                                                                                Bay Link Manufacturing  students have been   have their part numbers engraved directly on
                                                                                working on completing orders for metal garden   the part, and this piece of machinery will allow
                                                                                stakes. Sales of the garden stakes help support   us to do that for our customers.”
                                                                                the  program.  Belongia  expects  to  produce   Belongia  expects  to  be  busy  with  proj-
                                                                                approximately 500 stakes, earning $1,500 to   ects for customers for the rest of the 2020-21
                                                                                be used for program equipment, materials and   school year and hopes to connect with more
                                                                                student scholarships.              local companies to show them what Bay Link
                                                                                   Based on how well the Bay Link Manu-  Manufacturing   has  to  offer.  “Sometimes
                                                                                facturing   business  does  each  year,  students   when company representatives tour our shop,
                                                                                are eligible to receive a profit-sharing schol-  they are surprised at the equipment capabili-
                                                                                arship  for  their  work  in  the  program.  “The   ties, the machines we have, and the abilities
                                                                                student  scholarship  component  of  Bay  Link   of our students to complete real-world work,”
                                                                                really  teaches  our  kids  responsibility,  and   said  Belongia.  “Our  shop  contains  quality
                                                                                the cause and effect of a job well done,” said   industrial  equipment  which  allows  us  to
                                                                                Belongia.                          produce products efficiently, accurately and at
                                                                                   In addition to the garden stakes, students   a competitive cost.”
                                                                                have  been  working  on  completing  jobs  for   Students enrolled in Bay Link Manufac-
                                                                                local companies. Students will also be build-  turing® are typically prepared to attend a 2- or
                                                                                ing metal brackets to attach new solar panels   4-year college to pursue education in the field
                                                                                to the roof of a District school, Aldo Leopold   of  manufacturing  and  engineering,  or  may
        Kristin Rozek                       and  seniors  at  any  Green  Bay  Area  Public   Community School.    be prepared to enter the world of work in an
        School & Community Relations Specialist  School District school are eligible to apply for   Prior  to  the  COVID-19  pandemic,  Bay   entry-level position. To learn more about Bay
        Green Bay Area Public Schools       entrance  into  the  program.  Students  receive   Link students built standing desks for students   Link Manufacturing , visit
            After a year of navigating virtual learn-  high  school  credit  as  well  as  college  credit   at Edison Middle School. Bay Link students   manufacturing. To contact the shop regarding
        ing, Bay Link Manufacturing  instructor Andy   from Northeast Wisconsin Technical College   had to do an abundance of research to deter-  a business opportunity, email sales@baylink-
        Belongia  and  his  students  are  excited  to  get   (NWTC) upon completion of the program.  mine the best design and height for the student
        back  to  work.  Bay  Link  Manufacturing is   “I’m very excited that my students will   desks. The desks will be delivered this school
        a  manufacturing  learning  lab  for  students   have the opportunity this semester to experi-  year.
        located in Green Bay’s West High School. Bay   ence  the  Bay  Link  Manufacturing   program   Belongia expressed his excitement for a
        Link is equipped to complete projects for local   in-person,”  said  Belongia.  “Hands-on  learn-  new  laser  engraver  purchased  through  grant   (920) 448-2000
        companies in the areas of industrial welding,   ing,  collaborating  with  classmates  and   funds  for  the  West  High  School  Technical
        machine  fabrication  and  metals.  Juniors   completing projects for local companies is the   Education  Department.  “The  laser  engraver

        Warhawk Manufacturing Continued from page 1

                                                            ture, and seasonal items.   teach some of these real business skills.” said
                                                            They  also  plan,  sched-  Anthony  Christian.  Timelines,  schedules,   tech ed Coalition
                                                            ule,   engineer,   order   routings,  communication,  and  teamwork  all
                                                            materials,  provide  cus-  come into play in order to meet the demand.   Being  able  to  share  ideas,  expand
                                                            tomer  service,  package,   “This  has  been  a  wonderful  opportunity  for   skills, and compare curriculum is impor-
                                                            ship,  and  do  all  of  the   our  students  as  they  are  learning  things  that   tant  as  an  educator.  Anthony  Christian
                                                            accounting for the busi-  I  cannot  replicate  or  simulate  in  the  class-  from Arrowhead Union High School has
                                                            ness. They run as much   room. They are experiencing it first-hand and   helped organize four high schools to form
                                                            of  the  business  as  pos-  working through the day-to-day challenges a   a Tech Ed Coalition, a group of 4 neigh-
                                                            sible  and  are  overseen   business has.”               boring  high  schools  (Sussex-Hamilton,
                                                            by  the  instructors  who   Arrowhead’s  administration  has  been   Hartford, Slinger, and Arrowhead) that are
                                                            act  as  CEOs,  mentors,   very  supportive  by  dedicating  two  tech  ed   similar in size and capabilities. “We are
                                                            and advisors.       teachers  to  this  course.  Each  instructor  has   just starting to form these working rela-
                                                               They  also  work   their own expertise and are able to mentor and   tionships with each other, every meeting
                                                            with  business  partners   coach  students  to  be  successful  employees   has  been  valuable.  Sharing  curriculum,
                                                            to produce low-volume,   as they tackle the projects presented to them.   problem-solving, and brainstorming how
                                                            non-time-sensitive   This aids in supervision as some students go   to teach our students using best practices
                                                            parts.  One  of  the  stu-  off-site,  work  in  different  labs  and  require   has been valuable for us as educators.”
                                                            dents,  Kyle,  who  is  a   machine training. That expert can work one on
        students  even  has  patents  for  their  product.   laser operator just completed his first order of   one with them to get them up to speed so they
        Check  it  out  at  1000 parts for D&H. The part is a supplement   can work independently.
        JacksCampfire                       to  their  crosswalk  panels  that  they  produce.   Warhawk   Manufacturing   Website:
            Not  only  do  they  work  for  themselves,   “We  can’t  thank  them  enough  for  providing
        but they work for the student company as well.   the  opportunity  to  bid  on  a  job,  back-plan                  (262) 369-3612
        They  research,  design,  produce,  market,  and   production, produce and meet deadlines, and
        sell  items  such  as  garden  art,  outdoor  furni-  fulfill the order. Real work is the best way to
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