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        Saluting 2023 Wisconsin principals of the Year

                                                                Under her leader-  Based  on  the  results  of  a  caregiver  needs   2023 Secondary principal of
                                                                ship,  the  school   assessment,  the  school  and  its  partners  have
                                                                has  adopted  a   launched a “walking school bus” to increase  the Year andrew farley
                                                                core  value  of   attendance, opened an onsite food pantry and   The  Association  of  Wisconsin  School
                                                                believing  all  stu-  clothing  closet,  started  a  family  assistance   Administrators  has  named  Andrew  Farley  as
                                                                dents can achieve   fund, and grown the after-school program.   its 2023 Wisconsin Secondary Principal of the
                                                                at high levels and   “On  behalf  of  AWSA,  I  would  like  to   Year.
                                                                that  all  staff  can   congratulate Nikki Harcus for her selection as   Mr.  Farley  has  served  as  principal  of
                                                                create  the  condi-  the  2023 Wisconsin  Elementary  Principal  of   Brookfield East High School in the Elmbrook
                                                                tions  to  make  it   the Year,” said Jim Lynch, executive director   Schools  for  the  past  nine  years.  During  that
                                                                possible.       of AWSA. “During her time at Westside Ele-  time, he has built a school culture rooted in posi-
                                                                    We s t s i d e   mentary,  she  has  empowered  and  supported   tivity, opportunity, collaboration, relationships,
                                                                has  become  a   teachers to create a professional learning com-  and a commitment to the growth of students and
                                                                true  professional   munity truly focused on student learning and   educators as learners and leaders.
                                                                learning   com-  results. This  honor  reflects  Ms.  Harcus’  out-  This process started about eight years ago,
                                                                munity,   where   standing leadership of her school community.”  when  teachers,  staff,  and  administrators  came
                                                                all   staff   are   Harcus  holds  a  master’s  degree  in  edu-  together to define the school’s mission, vision,
                                                                committed   to   cational  leadership  and  policy  analysis  from   and core values. They focused on commitments
                                                                acting  as  posi-  a  local  University  and  a  bachelor’s  degree   to maximizing the impact on students, learning,
                                                                tive  members  of   in  early  childhood  education  from  a  nearby   teamwork, service, and providing relevance for
        2023 Elementary principal of        a  team  that  shares  responsibility  for  student   college. Before serving as principal of West-  student success at Brookfield East and beyond.
        the Year Nikki Harcus               learning.  These  teams  use  formative  assess-  side  Elementary,  Harcus  was  an  assistant   “Mr. Farley has had a tremendous impact
                                            ments aligned to essential standards to ensure
                                                                                principal, instructional coach, literacy coach,
            The  Association  of  Wisconsin  School   instruction is targeted and responsive to stu-  and second-grade teacher.  on  the  staff,  students,  and  families  at  Brook-
                                                                                                                   field East for nearly a decade,” said Dr. Mark
        Administrators has named Nikki Harcus as its   dents’ individual needs.                                    Hansen,  superintendent  of  the  Elmbrook
        2023 Wisconsin  Elementary  Principal  of  the   As one example of Harcus’ commitment                      Schools. “Through a strong school culture built
        Year.                               to  shared  leadership  and  collective  efficacy,  on academic and human excellence, Brookfield
            Harcus has served as principal of West-  Westside has brought together staff, students,   westside-home  East is flourishing.”
        side  Elementary  School  in  the  Sun  Prairie   families,  and  community  partners  to  build  a
        Area School District for the past seven years.   highly effective Community Schools Program.
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