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ManufaCturing today Wi  |  spring/suMMer 2024                                                                                          11
                    Cardinal Manufacturing

                    One of the f nest educational programs in the state

            it all began in the eleva-strum school   experiences  of  problem  solving,  running  a
        district,  during  the  2007-2008  academic   business, and working in professional career
        year.                               roles. students must apply to be part of this
            instructor, Craig Cegielski, approached   program  and  must  have  successfully  com-
        the school board about the potential of pur-  pleted  both  Metal  Working  i and  ii.  the
        suing  an  in-school  manufacturing  business   application  process  includes  creating  and
        similar to one he started in his prior position   submitting a resume, project portfolio, and
        in the school district of antigo, Wi.  a letter of recommendation. once accepted,
            the  school  board  approved  and  since   student participants are assigned a role that
        that time Cardinal Manufacturing has gone   may include:
        from its infant stages to a company with sig-      uoting jobs
        nif cant annual sales and national notoriety.      Ordering materials
        the  growth  of  the  program  has  attracted
        national and international attention and has      Manufacturing parts
        been  included  in  national  tradeshows  and       uality control and inspections
        hosted celebrity guests.                 Shipping product
                                                  eceiving product and materials
        What is Cardinal                         Invoicing
        Manufacturing?                           Customer service
            Cardinal  Manufacturing  is  a  student      Marketing
        run,  technical  education-based,  business                             Jake, one of our Cardinal Manufacturing students, recently f nished this f ag retirement burner for
        focused  on  machining  and  metal-working      Maintaining work hours  the Hopland-Moen Eleva Legion Post 459.  It was an honor to help out our local veterans group.
        projects.                              besides  the  great  experience  gained,
            Cardinal  Manufacturing  is  a  year-  the students receive a profit-sharing check   Manufacturing earnings are paid to students
        long  two  credit  class  which  offers  much   at  the  end  of  the  school  year  based  upon   after  expenses  and  upcoming  needs  are
        more  than  standard  classroom  instruction.   number  of  hours  worked  and  other  mea-  covered.  Most  of  the  money  earned  sup-
        students  in  this  class  gain  the  real-life   surement tools. only a portion of Cardinal   ports the purchase of materials, equipment
                                                                                and facility needs to continually grow and
                                                                                improve the program.
                                                                                   the  company  has  served  hundreds  of
                                                                                customers throughout the state of Wiscon-
                                                                                sin and other parts of the country.
                                                                                   From  a  simple  repair  job  to  custom
                                                                                designed  and  machined  parts,  Cardinal
                                         Opportunity awaits you                 Manufacturing  meets  a  wide  variety  of
                                                                                needs  for  local  individuals  and  businesses
                                                                                as well as for companies located outside of
              At the forefront of cutting edge engineering                      our immediate area.
                                                                                   the company has access to metalwork-
                                       and production excellence                ing  and  woodworking  tools  and  performs
                                                                                hundreds of repairs each year for individu-
                                                                                als,  organizations,  and  businesses.  our
                                           We are looking for CNC               shop often fixes items needing a new weld
                                            Machinists with a technical         including  furniture,  wagons,  hand  tools,
                                                                                décor items, trailers, railings, and more.
                                              degree in Machining                  a  number  of  students  have  gone   Cody,  one  of  our  welders,  just  f nished  up  a
                                                                                                                   custom mobile base. This will be used to mo-
                                                to work on some of              directly  to  skilled  employment  positions   bilize a local customer’s maple syrup produc-
                                                                                                                   tion. We hope we have positively improved your
                                                 the most sophisticated         after high school, but most choose to go on   productivity and good luck to your maple syrup
                                                                                to post-secondary education through techni-
                                                  manufacturing produc-         cal college or the university system.  season!
                                                tion equipment available           in-school  programs  such  as  Cardinal   program. in other words, kids get the chance
                                               in the industry today.           Manufacturing  serve  as  a  grassroots  eco-  to  try  welding,  machining,  construction,
                                                                                nomic  development  effort.  Not  only  do
                                                                                these  programs  expose  students  to  career   production management, accounting, office
                                                                                opportunities  in  manufacturing  and  teach   management,  and  marketing  prior  to  com-
                                           Tour our facility and                students soft skills for future employment,   mitting  to  a  major  or  area  of  study.  the
                                  discover your new career at:                  but they also work toward changing the atti-  services provided through the program are
                                                                                tudes of counselors and parents to be more   worthwhile  and  valuable  to  the  customers
                             open to the idea of encouraging students to   who pay for the service.
                                                                                look at manufacturing careers.
                   Nexen Group, Inc. • 26837 Industrial Avenue                     students get hands on opportunities to
                    Webster, WI 54893 •                      try out these roles before making an expen-     Continued on page 16
                                                                                sive decision in choosing a post-secondary
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