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12                                                                                   eleCtroniC edition: WWW.ManufaCturingtodayWi.CoM

                  pulaski tech ed news — a $50,000 dWd grant and tech Wing expansion

                                                                                coming  with  new  equipment
                                                                                that’s  going  to  provide  our
                                                                                kids some real-life opportuni-
                                                                                ties.  this  expansion  is  really
                                                                                going  to  give  our  kids  a  leg
                                                                                up  and  be  prepared.  We’ve
                                                                                got kids that are going to four-
                                                                                year  colleges,  wanting  to  be
                                                                                engineers,  architects.  they’re
                                                                                going to be well prepared.”
                                                                                   “With  increasing  our
                                                                                shop  areas,  Phs  will  be  able
                                                                                to increase the capacity of its
                                                                                technology  education  offer-
                                                                                ings,” Pitzen said.
                                                                                   “a  new  paint  booth  in
                                                                                autos  will  allow  students  to
                                                                                be  trained  in  auto  body  and   several  community  partners.  these  commu-
                                                                                repair. students will be using updated equip-  nity partners gave feedback to tech-ed off cials
                                                                                ment in the metals shop to learn skills needed   at  Pulaski  High  School  on  specif c  things
                                                                                in the advanced manufacturing f eld.  they’re looking for, and this new expansion is
        Pulaski Community School District   rience processing diverse materials, focusing   “also, the existing metals shop will get
            the  Pulaski  high  school  technol-  on state-of-the-art machinery.”  six  more  welding  booths  to  allow  more  stu-  expected to give students just that. the expan-
                                                                                                                   sion  will  give  more  room  to  Pulaski  high
        ogy  department  will  soon  have  some  new   the  Phs  technology  department  is  in   dents to be trained. the addition onto the wood   school’s woods and construction space along-
        cutting-edge  equipment  thanks  to  a  $50,000   the midst of expansion with more space being   shop will be used for construction course so   side its metals shop and auto shop.
        department of Workforce development Wis-  added  to  the  tech Wing. a  ground-breaking   students  can  build  any  time  of  the  year  and
        consin Fast Forward grant.          ceremony  was  held  Feb.  29  for  that  project.   also house some of our CNC equipment,” he
            the school district will use grant funds   superintendent allison space and high school   added.
        for  an  oMteCh  CNC  Fiber  laser  Cutting   principal Matt smith followed band and choir   Pulaski high school has around 150 stu-
        Machine. the grant required matching funds.   performances  with  remarks  of  gratitude  and   dents who are in youth apprenticeships with
        the  matching  part  of  the  grant  will  be  used   excitement.
        to purchase baileigh CNC Press brake, ellis   “Where  we  are  standing,  students  will
        Metal  Cutting  bandsaw  1600  with  vertical   experience  hands-on  learning  in  automotive
                                            mechanics,  electronics,  metals  fabrication,
        table, ellis belt sander 6000, 6 Miller Welders   woods  technology,  small  engine  repair  and  luther High school receives
        Multimatic  255,  a  5'  x  10'  fabrication  table,
        and the building costs were able to be used for   whatever our instructors and students dream-
        some of the matching portion.       up. our students are hungry to learn in these   generous grant Continued from page 10
            the PCsd was one of 17 districts state-  areas, and we are so grateful to provide them
        wide  to  benef t  from  the  grants,  which  will   with  a  facility  that  makes  that  learning  not   practical  arts  instructor  at  luther.  “there   as  firm  handshakes  and  eye  contact,  pro-
        help provide advanced manufacturing training   only possible, but guaranteed,” said allison.   are many facets of programming the robot   fessionalism (keeping equipment and shop
        in preparation for high-demand job opportuni-  “it’s  certainly  not  lost  on  me  the  sac-  which  include  learning  about  the  parts  of   clean and organized) and being on time.
        ties.                               rif ces  this  community  has  made  to  support   the  robot,  how  the  robot  moves  and  using   Future expansion plans include adding
            “our project aims to expand the manu-  our schools. Your dedication to ensuring your   those movements to perform different tasks,   additional space for the woods area, adding
        facturing  lab,  providing  students  with  an   school  district  best  serves  its  students  and   learning about different types of end effec-  new  space  for  applied  technologies,  and
        enriched  learning  environment  for  advanced   community as a whole is more than commend-  tors  (robot  heads)  and  how  the  robot  uses   a  new  space  for  welding/fabrication  and
        manufacturing careers,” said John Pitzen, Phs   able, and truly appreciated by our kids — even   them  to  perform  different  tasks,  learning   machining to offer both basic welding and
        teacher and department chair. “by increasing   if it’s years after they graduate.”  about  several  types  of  robot  code  and  the   advanced welding/fabrication courses.
        space  and  incorporating  cutting-edge  equip-  according to local 5 out of Green bay,   multitude  of  ways  to  utilize  the  code  to   “all of the new courses we are offering
        ment, including a CNC Fiber laser and CNC   Matt  smith,  the  principal  at  Pulaski  high   perform complex tasks.”  will be dual credit transferable to a techni-
        Press brake, students will gain hands-on expe-  school said, “this is going to add thousands   “We  plan  to  partner  with  the  woods   cal  college  in  lacrosse,”  said  Gjestvang.
                                            of feet to our existing tech-ed space, and it’s   area  to  make  some  wood/metal  collabora-  “luther became a saCa certification loca-
                                                                                tive  projects,  specifically  everyday  items   tion last summer. this means that down the
                                                                                like fire rings, small signs, but we also hope   road students can earn saCa certifications
                                                                                to make different types of artistic welding   which can be on the theory portion and also
                                                                                projects as well,” said Gjestvang. “We have   hands-on portion of the subject matter they
                                                                                different capstone course ideas for students   are studying. if they earn any of these cer-
                                                                                who  exhibit  a  highly  motivated  mindset   tifications,  they  can  put  them  on  their  job
                                                                                toward  different  avenues  in  our advanced   resumes to put them ahead of other applica-
                                                                                Manufacturing  learning  Center.  they   tions for the same positions and/or they can
                                                                                could  range  from  designing  and  fabricat-  apply them toward a brand-new automation
                                                                                ing  a  trailer,  to  designing,  programming   leadership  bachelor’s  degree  offered  at  a
                                                                                and assembling a basic automation process.   local university.
                                                                                Many ideas have been flowing through my
                                                                                   in  addition  to  those  technical  skills,
                                                                                students will be learning “soft” skills such
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