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14                                                                                   eleCtroniC edition: WWW.ManufaCturingtodayWi.CoM

                     two rivers preparing students with the skills needed to succeed in

                     today’s Workforce

        Tim Engh, Principal                                                                                        chain  management,  manufacturing,  market-
        Two Rivers High School                                                                                     ing, and distribution are integrated together in
            the  technology  education  program                                                                    today’s modern business world.  students have
        at  two  rivers  high  school  is  spearheaded                                                             real  customers  with  real  expectations  which
        by  Justin  Casper  and  Jacob  haag.    the                                                               is something that cannot be taught in a tradi-
        department  offers  courses  in  small  engines,                                                           tional classroom.
        automotive,  welding,  machining,  wood-                                                                       students  are  able  to  take  the  technical
        working,  construction,  and  computer  aided                                                              and soft skills learned in technology education
        drafting in which students can earn a number                                                               courses and apply them as youth apprentices
        of  transcripted  credits  through  ltC  in  their                                                         as upperclassmen. We focus on teaching stu-
        automotive,  welding,  and  machine  tool  pro-                                                            dents  the  importance  of  demonstrating  the
        grams.    in  addition,  interested  students  can                                                         qualities of a good employee along with all of
        join  department  clubs  and  compete  in  the                                                             the soft skills that are needed to be success-
        skills usa and/or Formula racing team. the   roni shannon — CnC plasma arc Cutter   nathan dicke — formula racing   ful  in  today’s  workforce,  specif cally  things
                                            I learned how to multitask and f x problems ef-
                                                                                I learned how to troubleshoot and f x prob-
        goal of our program is to prepare students with   f ciently,  how  settings  vary  between  different   lems and learned how to work eff ciently in   like being punctual, working as a team, being
        the technical and employability skills needed   materials, and a variety of different CAD soft-  cramped areas.  I can use this experience to   responsible,  con ict  resolution,  and  problem
        to succeed in today’s workforce.  We place a   ware. I really enjoy seeing drawings from the   help my family and friends repair equipment.    solving.  roughly 10% of the student body at
        high value and passion on trade and manufac-  computer  come  to  life  using  this  equipment.   I look forward to passing my knowledge onto   two rivers high school is involved with the
        turing related skills.              This  experience  helped  open  my  eyes  to  a   my own kids someday.  youth apprenticeship program and that number
                                            whole different world that never existed.  Each
            With  the  assistance  of  the  Wisconsin   day is something new.   expect  to  effectively  design,  make,  market,   is growing.  it is awesome to see young people
        department  of Workforce  development  Fast                             and sell goods and services by using cutting   getting experience in these in demand career
        Forward Grant and some others, these gentle-  Cad lab, and a new vinyl cutter since 2020.    edge technologies and computer aided draft-  f elds.
        men have given the antiquating department a   What better way to make use of all this   ing to create, plan, organize, staff, market, and
        breath  of  fresh  air  as  we  have  acquired  two   equipment  than  by  creating  a  student  enter-  distribute a variety of products and materials
        new  laser  engravers,  CNC  routers,  a  CNC   prise  class  called  raider  Manufacturing?    through a manufacturing enterprise. this real-
        plasma cutter, twenty new computers for the   students enrolled in raider Manufacturing can   life  course  exposes  students  to  how  supply

                      Mps invests in trade, technical staff and facilities for students

                      preparing for in-demand Careers

                                                                                educator positions in technical education and   requirements, the shop has new, modern
                                                                                computer  science  and  has  been  able  to  fund   equipment.
                                                                                support  staff,  such  as  for  the  culinary  arts      A renovated Project Lead The Way lab
                                                                                program.  the  additional  revenue  since  2020   at Milwaukee high school of the arts,
                                                                                also  partially  funds  the  coordinator’s  posi-  which  offers  engineering  and  design
                                                                                tion  for  youth  apprenticeships;  the  program   programs. Project lead the Way is the
                                                                                has  grown  in  the  past  year,  with  increasing   nationally recognized program that pro-
                                                                                numbers of students becoming apprentices.       vides hands-on learning in STEM f elds.
                                                                                   Facilities for trade, technical and steM
                                                                                (science, technology, engineering, and  math-  looking ahead
                                                                                ematics)  instruction  have  been  modernized   In  the   0 4  5  f scal  year,  MPS  will
                                                                                and  expanded  since  2020.  learning  on  up-  improve  more  facilities  for  students  where
                                                                                to-date equipment and using new technology   they can gain specialized skills as they prepare
                                                                                will better prepare MPs students for pursuing   to enter the workforce. the district will:
                                                                                careers after high school.               pgrade  two  Project  Lead  The  Way
                                                                                   some  of  the  improvements  made  since   rooms  at  Marshall  high  school.  the
                                                                                2020 include:                          school offers engineering and biomedi-
                                                                                     A  refurbished  automotive  lab  that  now   cal science programs to its students.
        Milwaukee Public Schools            courses and pathways.                   includes space for auto body work and a      Build a new culinary arts lab with state-
            the country is facing a growing shortage   the 2020 referendum approved by Mil-  paint booth at Pulaski high school.   of-the-art  stations  and  a  classroom
        of workers, acutely felt in skilled trades such   waukee  voters  provided  the  district  with      The  renovated  main  computer  lab  at   addition at bay View high school.
        as electrical, plumbing, and sheet metal work,   funding to expand arts, language, and physical   Washington  high  school  of  informa-      enovate the CTE lab, including a new
        as increasing numbers of workers reach retire-  education instruction, and it also made a dif-  tion technology, which now includes a   robotics workspace, and provide a broad-
        ment age. Milwaukee Public schools is doing   ference in the lives of students preparing for   virtual reality area and some new tech-  cast studio with green screen at audubon
        its part to help f ll that gap, through courses   trade and technical careers after high school.    nology.    technology and Communication Center.
        and career pathways that prepare students for   “We have been able to upgrade facilities      An  updated  weld  shop  at  Bradley
        high-wage, highly skilled, in-demand careers.    and help with staff ng, and we would like to   technology  and  trade  school  that  can
             Career and technical education (Cte),   continue to expand and strengthen career and   accommodate  a  new,  larger  plasma   mps.milwaukee.
        in the MPs department of College and Career   technical  education,”  said  dr.  John  r.  hill,   cutter.  besides  improvements  such  as
        readiness,  develops  and  supports  those   director of College and Career readiness.  resized duct systems to meet air-quality
                                                 since 2020, the district has added seven
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