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4                                                                                    eleCtroniC edition: WWW.ManufaCturingtodayWi.CoM

                 More than $493,000 in fab lab grants announced

                                                                                Muskego-norway a first-time        and high school students, and now, with the
                                                                                                                   WedC grant, will have a new lab to let ele-
                                                                                recipient                          mentary  students  explore  additional  avenues
                                                                                                                   of learning.
                                                                                   the  Muskego-Norway  school  district
                                                                                is  among  the  f rst-time  recipients  this  year.   robert Wray, interim superintendent and
                                                                                With a $24,700 grant, the district will be able   co-director of instructional program, said the
                                                                                to equip a new lab at Muskego high school,   grant  is  especially  timely  as  the  school  has
                                                                                which is now under construction. the steaM   been developing a steaM program.\
                                                                                and health science addition, to be completed   “We in the Mosinee school district very
                                                                                before  school  begins  in  the  fall,  is  part  of  a   much want to cultivate the curiosity of our stu-
                                                                                $44.6 million referendum voters approved two   dents and increase student engagement,” Wray
                                                                                years ago.                         said. “Fab labs give students the opportunity
                                                                                   a  decade  ago,  Muskego  high  school’s   to create, to explore, and to engage in learning
                                                                                career  and  technical  education  courses,  pri-  in a very joyful way. that’s really important
                                                                                marily computer classes, were housed in the   to us.”
                                                                                high school basement. in time, Cte claimed   typically,  middle  and  high  school  fab
                                                                                more space, driven by increasing student inter-  labs  are  high-tech  workshops  equipped  with
                                                                                est  and  the  demands  of  parents,  businesses,   computer-controlled  manufacturing  compo-
                                                                                and  industry  for  more  hands-on  learning  on   nents  such  as  3d  printers,  laser  engravers,
                                                                                the latest equipment. in the fall, the Cte pro-  computer  numerical  control  (CNC)  routers,
                                                                                grams will have a new home in the steaM   and plasma cutters.
                                                                                and health science addition.           the  equipment  list  for  the  Mosinee
                                                                                   two veteran educators—James Michlig,   elementary school lab includes a 3doodlers-
                                                                                college,  career,  and  experimental  learning   Classroom  set,  an  aquasprouts  aquarium
            the  Wisconsin  economic  development      Racine  Unif ed  School  District  –   coordinator, and andrew bavlnka, director of   garden system, a weather station to incorpo-
                                                                                                                   rate into steM and tech lessons, and 3d and
        Corporation  (WedC)  has  announced  that   $25,000                     secondary  student  learning,  who  will  be  the   bambu printers.
        18  school  districts  will  receive  more  than      Tri County School District, Plainf eld   new  high  school  principal  in  the  fall—have   in  another  twist  on  traditional  fab  labs,
        $493,000 in “fab lab” grants to train students   – $25,000              watched the programs grow and are awed by   the  elementary  workshop  will  be  on  wheels
        in science, technology, engineering, arts, and                          the opportunities students will have.  so teachers can move one unit or another into
        mathematics  (steaM)  skills  and  prepare   school districts that were repeat winners   in  the  beginning,  the  school’s  steaM   their classrooms to use from week to week –
        them for careers using advanced technologies.  of grants this year and their awards (with year   program  “started  in  the  basement,  and  now   effectively making it a mobile lab.
            since  the  program’s  inception  in  2016,   of previous award noted) are:  we’re  putting  it  in  one  of  the  most  visible
        WedC has awarded 211 grants totaling more      CESA  3  (Consortium)  –  Fennimore   spaces in our district,” said bavlnka. “a shop
        than $5 million to 125 school districts across   (2023) – $47,396       class in 1985 is not what a shop class has to
        the state. Countless fab lab students have ben-     Fall  River  School  District  (2019)  –   look like today and beyond. these are clean
        ef ted  from  career  and  technical  education   $25,000               production  facilities.  Kids  are  working  on
        (Cte),  which  has  evolved  with  a  steaM      Hayward Community School District   computers in very professional environments,
        emphasis.                               (2019 & 2023) – $25,000         and they’re making things. We’re going to see   Courtesy  of  the  Wisconsin  Economic
            a  fab  lab,  short  for  fabrication  labora-     Nekoosa  School  District  (2021)  –   kids who maybe didn’t know what tech ed has   Development Corporation
        tory, is a high-technology workshop equipped   $25,000                  for them, a chance to shine in tech ed.”
        with computer-controlled manufacturing com-     School District of New Lisbon (2020) –
        ponents such as 3d printers, laser engravers,   $25,000
        computer  numerical  control  (CNC)  routers,                    
        and  plasma  cutters.  through  its  Fab  labs      School  District  of  Random  Lake
        Grant Program, WedC is supporting the pur-  (2020) – $24,300
        chase  of  fab  lab  equipment  for  instructional      Croix Central School District (2016) –
        and  educational  purposes  for  K-12  students   $25,000
        across the state.                        Washington  Island  School  District
            to receive a fab lab grant, districts must   (2020 & 2021) – $25,000  Mosinee’s fab lab grant
        provide  matching  funds  equal  to  half  of  the      Waunakee Community School District
        award. as a result, the schools and the state   (2016, 2017 &2018) – $25,000  slated for elementary school
        this  year  will  invest  at  least  $750,000  in      Weyauwega-Fremont  School  District   Another f rst-time recipient, the Mosinee
        science,  technology,  engineering,  arts,  and   (2023) – $25,000      school district received a $25,000 grant from
        mathematics  (steaM)  education  in  K-12                               the WedC to equip a new fab lab in its ele-
        schools throughout Wisconsin.            Whitehall  School  District  (Consor-  mentary school.
            the  new  grant  recipients  this  year  and   tium) (2019) – $50,000  a fab lab, short for fabrication laboratory,
        their awards are:                       in  addition  to  the  grants,  WedC  has   provides  students  with  hands-on,  high-tech
             Butternut School District – $22,000  developed  a  fab  lab  resource  page  for  its   learning opportunities in science, technology,
             Deerf eld  Community  School  District   website  that  provides  districts  with  informa-  engineering, art, and Mathematics (steaM)
            – $25,000                       tion on how to set up and equip a fab lab, how   courses.
             DeForest  Area  School  District  –   to implement best practices to ensure a suc-  although  funding  is  available  for  labs
                                            cessful fab lab and more.
            $25,000                             For more information on the state’s fab   in all grades, nearly 80 percent of the WedC
             Mosinee School District – $25,000  labs,  including  resources  for  teachers,  visit   grants have been for middle and high school
                                                                                fab labs.
             Muskego-Norway  School  District  –  or  follow  #WiFablab  on   the district has a fab lab serving middle
            $24,700                         twitter.
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