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        page 4 | Manufacturing today Wi | spring 2021, Volume 1                                           electronic edition:

                            fab lab Curriculum at three lakes High school

                                                     schools. As a result, our students   created projects to do on a small
                                                     are coming into high school with   scale first on the XS Tech, and
                                                     much more Fab Lab experiences,   then we were able to jump into
                                                     so  we  need  to  provide  updated   a big community project helping
                                                     opportunities  and  experiences   out  the  Three  Lakes  Historical
                                                     that  keep  them  moving  ahead.   Society.  The  Historical  Society
                                                     One  major  change  has  been  to   has a couple of old logging sleds
                                                     take our How To Make (Almost)   (used  to  haul  logs  back  in  the
                                                     Anything (HTMAA) class, which   logging days) and asked us if we
                                                     was  a  junior/senior  level  class   would be able to help design and
                                                     and integrating it into a freshman   rebuild one of the sleds so that
                                                     offering  called  Engineering  and   it would be easier for people to
                                                     Design. This gives students more   see how it worked. Our students
                                                     opportunities in the rest of their   brought  the  sled  back  to  the
                                                     high school career to take more of   school,  and  we  disassembled  it
                                                     our advanced offerings.    completely  the  sled  so  that  the
                                                         Our  newest  offering  is  our   students  could  make  measure-
                                                     CNC class. We have added a more   ments of each part in order to be
                                                     advanced, specialized class to our   able to redesign them in Fusion
                                                     Fab Lab curriculum to allow the   360. We then took the 3D files
                                                     students to gain more, and deeper   and put them into aspire to create
                                                     experiences in the world of Com-  the toolpaths to cut all these new
                                                     puter Numerical Control (CNC).   parts  out  of  new  material.  The
                                                     We have taken the majority of the   students  were  also  responsible  for  figuring   and cut faces, pockets and profiles, and were
        Al Votis                            CNC content out of Engineering and Design,   out what, and how much material we needed   graded on meeting the given specifications for
        Three Lakes School District         and  built  a  class  around  utilizing  CNC  to   and creating a bid for the Historical Society to   each cut. We then programmed and cut out 3d
            This year, we have updated our Fab Lab   control different machines, such as our CNC   decide if the cost would fit into their budget.   puzzle pieces to fit together. Each student cut a
                                                                                                                   different piece, and then the piece were assem-
        curriculum at Three Lakes High School. We   router, CNC plasma, Tormach xS Tech, and   We  are  currently  waiting  to  hear  back  from   bled, or tried to be assembled depending on
        went into the Fab Lab program knowing that   our Tormach 1100 milling machine.   them to see if we are approved to order the   how close to tolerances they were able to get.
        at some point, we would have to change how   The  CNC  class  is  project  driven.  The   materials and then create the parts and rebuild   As the 4th quarter gets underway, we are
        and what we do at the high school level. Over   students have spent time learning more about   the sled.   learning  more  about  using  the  cam  portion
        the last several years, we have worked to intro-  the Vectric Aspire software to work on deeper   We have also had our students work with   of Fusion 360 for more complex designs and
        duce concepts and technology down through   understandings  of  how  the  program  works   community  members  to  design  and  create   parts, and then students will be designing and
        the  junior  high  and  into  the  elementary   for both cad and cam in 2.5 D. The students   signs for them as well. This not only helps our
                                                                                      students learn more about CNC pro-  machining individual projects.
                                                                                      gramming  and  machining,  but  also   Overall, this class has given the students
                                                                                      to learn more about interacting with   a  glimpse  into  the  world  of  machining  and
                                                                                      the public. From there, we spent our   manufacturing  and  given  them  some  really
                                                                                      3rd quarter of the year learning more   important skills for going into industry, or to
                                                                                      about metal milling on the Tormach   start  their  own  businesses!  We  are  looking
                                                                                      1100.  Students  worked  on  learn-  forward to continuing to upgrade our program
                                                                                      ing  about  vice  set-up,  and  tooling,   and keep giving students more opportunities
                                                                                      then  we  worked  through  conversa-  and experiences!
                                                                                      tional programming. Conversational
                                                                                      programming is a part of Path Pilot
                                                                                      (Tormach’s  operating  software)  that
                                                                                      allows  simple  projects  or  features   (715) 546-3496
                                                                                      to  be  programmed  and  machined
                                                                                      without  using  a  separate  cad/cam
                                                                                      software.   Students   programmed

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