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                   SaSD grads pursue Careers in Electrical industry

                                                                                with co-workers who want to be just as suc-  in  Manitowoc  and  took  classes  at  a  nearby
                                                                                cessful,” said Dylan.              college. “It was a great senior year as I like to
                                                                                   Dylan  added,  “Over  the  course  of  my   be doing stuff and not just sitting in front of a
                                                                                senior  year  at  South  High,  I  was  in  a  youth   computer,” said Owen.
                                                                                apprenticeship  working  at  a  local  electric   All  three  graduates  participated  in
                                                                                company  doing  work  in  the  shop  and  some   Sheboygan Area School District’s House Con-
                                                                                on-the-job  work.  On  average,  I  would  work   struction  class,  where  students  from  North
                                                                                15-20 hours per week. I found this program to   and  South  High  Schools  work  together  to
                                                                                be very beneficial, and it was nice to get a head   build a home. They all credited the program
                                                                                start on my future.”               with giving them hands-on experience and a
                                                                                   Blake  Thun  also  graduated  from  South   close-up  look  at  a  variety  of  different  skills
                                                                                High  School  and  was  hired  right  out  of  high   and industries. Dylan said, “House construc-
                                                                                school  by  a  local  electrical  business  as  an   tion helped me learn about all the trades and
                                                                                apprentice.  “The  best  part  is  learning  a  trade   allowed me to narrow it down to which one I
                                                                                that not many people know how to do and being   believed would fit me the best.” Owen added
                                                                                able to be there for the people that need elec-  that it was helpful to see the skills used in real-
                                                                                tricity,” said Blake. He said it’s amazing to be   life projects, like building a house.
                                                                                taught ways to learn and work at a faster pace.   As these three graduates embark on their
                                                                                   Owen Hayon graduated from North High   first year of full-time employment in the Elec-
                                                                                School last spring and was hired at a local elec-  trical trades, Owen summed it up best when
        Sheboygan Area School District      raider Manufacturing oversight team worked   trical business as a construction wireman. He is   he said, “I am only 18 and have a great start
            The  Sheboygan  Area  School  District   with local manufacturers and a local technical   preparing to take his exam to begin the appren-  on my career.”
        (SASD)  and  the  Sheboygan  business  com-  college  to  select  equipment  and  curriculum   tice program. Owen said the best part of his job   These  success  stories  from  graduates
        munity have made significant investments in   that  is  relevant  to  students  entering  today’s   is the different skills he learns every day. “The   who  utilized  the  red  raider  Manufacturing
        technical  education  programs  dating  back  to   workforce.           day goes so quickly because no day is the same   program showcase how students can prepare
        2016 when the district opened the $5 million   As early as 9th grade, North and South   right now. It’s a great trade to get into.”  for life after high school.
        Kohler  |  Johnsonville Advanced  Technology   High  School  students  can  choose  from  ten   Owen  was  very  prepared  to  enter  the
        Centers inside North and South High Schools.   different technical education classes, like Elec-  workforce  through  his  experiences  in  high
        The 12,400 square foot state-of-the-art man-  tricity,  Electronics  &  Automation,  or  Power   school.  In  addition  to  taking  several  rrM
        ufacturing  and  engineering  labs  prepare   Mechanics. Exposure to these types of classes   classes,  he  completed  a  youth  apprentice-
        students for successful local college and career   early in their high school career gives students   ship in manufacturing at a local manufacturer
        paths. The advanced technology centers offer   ample time to dive deeper into a certain area,
        high-tech manufacturing and engineering tools   explore other skilled trades, and expand their
        and  technology,  giving  practical  exposure   learning by taking advantage of a nine-week
        to  CNC,  automation,  electrical,  and  metrol-  co-op  experience  or  a  9  to  12-month  youth   The Physics of Climate Change
        ogy equipment. The expansion, upgrade, and   apprenticeship.
        renovation  of  existing  facilities  were  made   The  investment  has  been  worthwhile,
        possible through the district’s investment and   with more and more students pursuing well-
        ongoing financial commitment, as well as sig-  paying jobs in the trades after high school.  Middle and high school
        nificant  contributions  from  local  businesses,   After  graduation,  Dylan  Vedetic  was
        organizations, and sponsors.        hired by a local electrical business, where he   science teachers:
            Collectively  referred  to  as  red  raider   is a first-year apprentice and is also attending
        Manufacturing,  or  rrM,  the  primary  goal   school. “The best part is the benefits that are   Let us teach a
        is  to  provide  both  classroom  instruction  and   offered as a union electrician. I am offered a
        authentic, hands-on learning opportunities that   pension,  annuity,  and  very  good  healthcare.   class for you!
        result  in  real-world  employability.  The  red   Other  good  parts  about  my  job  are  learning
                                            new things every day and working side by side

                                                                                            Facilitated instruction with hands-on activities

                                                                                            Active learning of the physics of albedo and its
                                                                                            impacts on climate change in Wisconsin

                                                                                            Instruction for one class period and up to 40 students

                                                                                            Connections to NGSS Disciplinary Core Ideas &
                                                                                            Crosscutting Concepts
                                                                                                                                        Learn more at

                                                                                                             SPONSORED BY:
                                                                                                             Wisconsin Idea Collaboration Grant
                                                                                                             Department of Physics
                                                                                                             Division of Extension
                                                                                                             Wisconsin 4-H
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