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        page 10 | Manufacturing today Wi | spring 2021, Volume 1                                          electronic edition:

                       Cardinal Manufacturing

                                                                                   Cardinal  Manufacturing  began  in  the   In-school  programs  such  as  Cardinal
                                                                                Eleva-Strum School District during the 2007–  Manufacturing serve as a grassroots economic
                                                                                2008  academic  year  when  instructor,  Craig   development  effort.  Not  only  do  these  pro-
                                                                                Cegielski, approached the School Board about   grams expose students to career opportunities
                                                                                the potential of pursuing an in-school manu-  in manufacturing and teach students soft skills
                                                                                facturing  business  similar  to  one  he  started   for  future  employment,  but  they  also  work
                                                                                in his prior position in the school district of   toward  changing  the  attitudes  of  counselors
                                                                                Antigo, WI.                        and  parents  to  be  more  open  to  the  idea  of
                                                                                   The school board approved and since that   encouraging students to look at manufacturing
                                                                                time  Cardinal  Manufacturing  has  gone  from   careers.  Students  get  hands  on  opportunities
                                                                                its  infant  stages  to  a  company  with  signifi-  to try out these roles before making an expen-
                                                                                cant annual sales and national notoriety. The   sive  decision  in  choosing  a  post-secondary
                                                                                growth of the program has attracted national   program. In other words, kids get the chance
                                                                                and international attention and Cardinal Man-  to  try  welding,  machining,  construction,
                                                                                ufacturing  has  attended  national  tradeshows   production  management,  accounting,  office
                                                                                and hosted celebrity guests.       management, and marketing prior to commit-
                                                                                   Cardinal  Manufacturing  has  served  hun-  ting to a major or area of study. The services
                                                                                dreds of customers from private individuals to   provided through the program are worthwhile
        The Cardinal Manufacturing class enjoying our COVID-19 friendly classroom
                                                                                clients throughout the state of Wisconsin and   and  valuable  to  the  customers  who  pay  for
            Cardinal Manufacturing is a student-run   School District of Eleva Strum  other parts of the country. A number of students   the  service.  Since  the  very  beginning,  Car-
        business  running  out  of  Eleva-Strum  where   Instructors: Craig Cegielski, Tyson Rohrs-  have gone directly to skilled employment posi-  dinal  Manufacturing  has  been  self-sufficient
        students  get  to  gain  firsthand  experience  on   cheib, & Talli Berger  tions after high school, but most choose to go   meaning that they have not ever requested a
        manufacturing,  fabrication,  welding,  and                             on to post-secondary education through techni-  special budget from the school district.
        running a business!                                                     cal college or the university system.

         spring 2021 news from Cardinal Manufacturing                            a new project on an old Car

        CoViD-19 Doesn’t Hold us Back!                                               Community  members,  Ralph  and   local Broiler Festival parade, take it to the
            Despite the recent challenges from COVID-                             Ann Kisor just donated this awesome 1930   Strum Car Show, and take Ralph and Ann
        19, Eleva-Strum students are back in school with                          Model A car. We are very grateful for this   for a ride. We have already had many stu-
        some precautions. Students wear masks, remain                             donation and have already begun the plan-  dents,  parents,  and  community  members
        socially distant, and desks and other frequently                          ning phase on finishing the car. Ralph has   express interest in helping us with this car
        touched items are sanitized after each use. Cardi-                        already  put  many  hours  of  work  into  the   restoration project. We are extremely fortu-
        nal Manufacturing students remain positive and                            project, but we still have much more to do.   nate to have such a supportive community,
        continue  to  work.  Each  welder  now  gets  their                       This will be a fun learning opportunity for   and we look forward to getting this car back
        own equipment to prevent cross contamination.                             students at Cardinal Manufacturing! When   on the road.
        Machines and other items are also sprayed down   white  as  well.  In  order  to  combat  COVID-19,   finished,  we  hope  to  drive  the  car  in  the
        after  each  use. Although  the  masks  and  other   a  new  shelving  unit  was  added  along  with  a
        precautions make school more challenging, stu-  makeshift  classroom. The  shelving  unit  allows
        dents in Cardinal Manufacturing and other tech   for students to keep their items in separate bins
        ed. classes are just happy to be learning hands-on   away  from  others.  Our  current  classrooms  are
        rather than at home!
                                            too small to remain socially distant, so we had
        a newly improved shop               to improvise with a new classroom in the shop.
                                            In the office, students get to enjoy the new iMac
                                            computers. This allows for easy communication,
                                            editing, and other work that needs to be done on
                                            the business side of Cardinal Manufacturing.
                                            sixth graders in action!
                                               This  year,  the  sixth-grade  class  got  the
                                            opportunity to take a tech ed. class. This allows
                                            the students to explore technical education and
                                            the  potential  classes  they  could  take  in  high
                                            school. They  gain  experience  by  doing  simple
                                            projects such as assembly welding and grinding
            Recently, the Eleva-Strum shop has gotten   a metal airplane.
        some  renovations  thanks  to  the  generosity  of
        Ron Wanek of a nearby furniture manufacturer.  Cardinal Manufacturing Workshop
        7 large windows and a glass door were added to   Recently,  Cardinal  Manufacturing  held  a   partners and community support. Students in the
        the shop in order to bring in some light. New tin   workshop  that  allowed  other  schools  to  learn   program get to learn important technical skill all
        was also added on the outside and the inside of   more about starting a student run business. The   while learning valuable employability skills. If
        the shop. All of the walls and the ceiling have   workshop attendees learn from instructors, stu-  you’re interested in learning more about a work-  (715) 695-2696 x314
        been painted as well. The shop has a theme of   dents,  industry  partners,  and  administration   shop please contact us!
        white  and  red—the  white  allows  for  the  area   about the ins and outs of creating this program.   Facebook  Page:  https://www.facebook.
        to be brighter and the red shows off our school   Cardinal  Manufacturing  has  had  great  success   com/CardinalManufacturing
        colors. The machines will eventually be painted   since beginning in 2008 because of our industry   Email:
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