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        electronic edition:                                               Manufacturing today Wi | spring 2021, Volume 1 | page 7

                    High-tech ed:
                    ltC-plymouth science & technology Center trains future engineers, Manufacturers

                                                                                cutter, a CNC lathe, two CNC simulators, a   laser engraver
                                                                                3-D printer, a welding training facility, engi-
                                                                                neering/CAD Labs, and an industry-standard   A  Plymouth-based  foods  manufacturer
                                                                                automotive lab.                    donated $20,000 to purchase a laser engraver,
                                                                                   The purchase was made possible in part   which was installed in October 2018 and is
                                                                                thanks to a $25,000 Fab Lab grant from the   used by students in the Graphics and Woods
                                                                                Wisconsin Economic Development Corpora-  Processes classes. It also benefits members of
                                                                                tion.                              the PHS Tech Club.
                                                                                                                       The  Universal  Laser  6.6  has  an  18-by-
                                                                                industrial robot                   30-inch workspace and can engrave and cut
                                                                                   A nearby manufacturer donated $65,000   signs, designs or photos into a variety of dif-
                                                                                to launch a robotics and automation program   ferent  materials  (including  wood,  acrylic,
                                                                                at Plymouth High School, the centerpiece of   glass, and ceramic).
                                                                                which is a small industrial robot.     “The new laser has a duplicate feature to
                                                                                   The  Fanuc  LR  Mate  robot  represents   set up many programs at one time,” Mr. Gritt
                                                                                an  entire  automation  system  —  providing   said. “Students can design personal projects
                                                                                opportunities  for  such  diverse  positions  as   that they create.”
                                                                                robot  programmer,  controls  engineer,  parts   Wood sawmill
                                                                                designer, and more. It has a 2D camera and
                                                                                scanning capabilities. It is on wheels and can   PHS  purchased  a  Wood  Mizer  LT35
                                                                                be folded up to be moved.          sawmill  in  2020,  using  Career  &  Technical
        Jamie Piontkowski                       More  than  half  of  the  initial  cost  of                       Education incentive money.
        Plymouth School District            the  $1.2  million  project  was  covered  by  a   PHS utilizes the robot in various classes,   It is being used in the Woods and Con-
        Communications Coordinator          grant from the U.S. Economic Development   including its Computer Integrated Manufac-  struction classes, where students traditionally
                                                                                turing class, part of the school’s Project Lead
            Plymouth Comprehensive High School   Administration. The  city  of  Plymouth  pro-  the Way sequence.  have made projects using purchased lumber.
        students and community members are better   vided  an  additional  $250,000  in  economic   “Students learn how to set up different   “Now they can experience the complete cycle
        prepared  for  a  number  of  engineering  and   development  funds;  LTC  and  the  school   work planes, and set up tool planes for the   of cutting a tree down, rough cutting it on the
        technical careers, thanks to the LTC-Plym-  district  contributed  $280,000  in  in-kind   different tools,” Mr. Gritt said. “They learn   sawmill, drying the rough cuts, and producing
        outh Science & Technology Center.   donations. In addition, two local companies   the controls of the robot, different joints and   a product using the wood,” Mr. Gritt said.
            The  $1.2  million  facility  gives  high-  donated  a  high-speed  packaging  machine,   movements it can and cannot perform. In the
        school  students  experience  with  all  phases   and  provided  $45,000  in  improvements  to   end, they’re able to program it to perform a
        of the design process, taking projects from   the automotive lab.       task.”
        conception  to  completion.  Students  design   The  facility  continues  to  add  compo-  The donation is the third in a series of
        projects  using  industry-standard  CAD   nents  and  relevancy  for  today’s  students,   initiatives resulting from a partnership with   (920) 892-2661
        programs,  then  create  three-dimensional   with  four  major  equipment  additions  in   the  manufacturer,  which  approached  PHS
        models, and finally produce and finish proj-  recent  years  —  each  of  which  came  about   in 2016 looking for ways to help introduce
        ects using high-tech mills, lathes, and other   thanks to a partnership.  students to manufacturing careers. The first
        machines. They also can learn robotics using   CnC router               collaboration  was  lending  an  engineer  to
        an industrial robot and metal fabrication in a                          demonstrate  problem-solving  methodol-
        professional welding training facility.  A  new  Computer  Numerical  Control   ogy to the PHS capstone engineering class.
            Engineering  classes  are  taught  by   router is able to create signs, jigs, fixtures,   They  also  collaborated  with  the  PHS  Tech
        science  and  technology  education  teach-  and furniture using CNC technology.   Club, supplying an engine for the Panthers’
        ers,  all  of  whom  are  certified  by  Project   The  Forest  Scientific  10-by-5-foot   Formula  High  School  car  and  testing  the
        Lead the Way. Students in Project Lead the   Automatic  Tool  Changer  Vacuum  Table   engine in its dyno lab.
        Way  classes  can  earn  college  credits  from   can use up to eight different tools to cut or
        the Milwaukee School of Engineering, and   engrave wood or aluminum. It was installed
        several  vocational  programs  carry  credits   in  December  2018  and  students  began
        from  facility  partner  Lakeshore  Technical   working with it in early 2019.
        College.                                The  router  can  be  used  by  a  variety
            Plymouth Comprehensive High School   of  classes  —  including  Woods,  Furniture
        places high value on educating all students   Making,  Construction,  CNC  Programming,
        –  after  all,  Comprehensive  is  its  middle   and Computer Integrated Manufacturing —
        name. Plymouth offers rigorous core classes   as well as by the PHS Technology Education
        and extensive electives to prepare all gradu-  & Engineering Club.
        ates  to  pursue  the  next  stage  of  their  lives   “We  have  the  ability  to  make  large
        – whether they are bound for college, tech-  signs, furniture layout, face mill large logs,
        nical school, the military, or the workforce.  use Autodesk Inventor for design, use Mas-
                                            terCAM  for  programming,  use  EnRoute
        Community Collaboration             for  artistic  design,”  said  PHS  technology
            The  LTC-Plymouth  Science  &  Tech-  department leader Greg Gritt. “We are able
        nology  Center  came  about  thanks  to  a   to design in 3-D and make 3-D text and ren-
        partnership  involving  Lakeshore  Technical   derings.”
        College,  the  Plymouth  School  District,  the   The  router  puts  the  PHS  woods/con-
        City of Plymouth, and area businesses. Work   struction  curriculum  on  par  with  other
        began  in  the  fall  of  2010,  and  the  facility   technology and engineering programs in the
        largely was completed in time for the begin-  Science & Technology Center, which already
        ning of the 2011-12 school year.    featured  two  CNC  mills,  a  CNC  plasma
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