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                   Cudahy students’ skills shine

                                                                                and has since grown into a skilled CNC Pro-  transforms  materials  into  shards  or  gravel,
                                                                                grammer,  contributing  signif cantly  to  the   contributing  to  sustainability  and  resource
                                                                                company’s success.                 conservation.
                                                                                   dylan’s journey into the world of engi-  as dylan dynek continues to excel in
                                                                                neering  and  it  began  during  his  time  in   his career as a CNC Programmer, he has his
                                                                                high school. his fascination with computer   sights  set  on  the  horizon.  his  passion  for
                                                                                classes  in  middle  school  and  shop  classes   designing and creating innovative solutions
                                                                                in  high  school  laid  the  foundation  for  his   in the f elds of engineering and IT drives him
                                                                                career. it was there that he realized his love   forward.  He  envisions  a  future  f lled  with
                                                                                for  designing  and  creating,  and  the  spark   exciting  opportunities  to  make  a  positive
                                                                                was ignited.                       impact in these domains.
                                                                                   one of the pivotal moments in dylan’s   dylan’s  journey  from  high  school
                                                                                journey was when he crossed paths with Mr.   apprentice to CNC Programmer is an inspir-
                                                                                tom backes, a mentor who introduced him   ing  testament  to  what  one  can  achieve
                                                                                to the fascinating world of the business and   through  dedication,  hard  work,  and  the
                                                                                the  intricacies  of  the  machinery  that  crush   pursuit of one’s passions. his story serves as
                                                                                materials for recycling. it was backes who   a beacon of hope and motivation for current
                                                                                played a crucial role in shaping dylan’s path   and future students, demonstrating that with
                                                                                and igniting his passion for the f eld.  determination, the sky’s the limit.
                                                                                   additionally,  dylan  mentioned  his   We  congratulate  dylan  dynek  on  his
                                                                                teachers  like  Ms.  Kolb,  who  provided  him   achievements and look forward to witness-
                                                                                with  valuable  support,  especially  in  eng-  ing  his  continued  success  as  he  makes  his
        “Dakota Schroeder stands as a shining example of how Cudahy High School not only encour-  lish-related  subjects  and  his  woodworking   mark in the world of engineering and it.
        ages its students to explore their passions but also prepares them for life beyond high school.   teacher, Mr. Puryear, who taught him how to
        Her story is an inspiration to her peers and a testament to the dedication and skill fostered within
        the walls of Cudahy High School.”                                       program machines and opened doors to new
        Clare Canf eld                      unnoticed, as she is currently in the process   after his high school graduation, dylan
        School District of Cudahy           of interviewing for an internship, aiming to   delved  deeper  into  the  realms  of  engineer-
            The  School  District  of  Cudahy  is  a   continue  this  professional  journey  through   ing and it. his interest in security software
        diverse,  pre-k  through  12th  grade  public   her senior year. dakota’s ultimate goal is to   and his involvement in various it projects
        school district located on the shores of Lake   become a full-time welder after graduation.  further showcased his dedication to learning
        Michigan just south of Milwaukee, WI. Our   however,  dakota’s  talents  and  inter-  and growing in the f eld.
        schools  offer  cutting-edge  literacy  instruc-  ests are not conf ned to welding alone. She   at  the  manufacturer,  dylan  found  his
        tion  steeped  in  the  science  of  reading,  as   is also an active participant in several extra-  niche as a CNC Programmer, where he plays
        well as multiple pathways to career and per-  curricular activities at Cudahy high school,   a pivotal role in the design and operation of
        sonal success.                      including jazz band, track and f eld, power-  crushing  equipment  used  in  recycling  pro-
                                            lifting, and theater. her involvement in such   cesses. this machinery, under his guidance,
        Cudahy High school Junior           a  diverse  range  of  activities  highlights  the
                                            school’s  commitment  to  offering  a  broad
        takes on impressive                 spectrum of opportunities to its students.
                                               dakota  schroeder  stands  as  a  shining
        Welding project                     example  of  how  Cudahy  high  school  not
            in  a  remarkable  display  of  skill  and   only encourages its students to explore their
        dedication,  dakota  schroeder,  a  talented   passions  but  also  prepares  them  for  life
        junior  at  Cudahy  high  school,  took  on  a   beyond  high  school.  her  story  is  an  inspi-
        challenging welding project under the guid-  ration  to  her  peers  and  a  testament  to  the
        ance  of  her  Metals  teacher,  Mr.  backes.   dedication and skill fostered within the walls
        demonstrating an impressive level of crafts-  of Cudahy high school.
        manship,  dakota  worked  on  refurbishing
        a  corroded  work  truck  owned  by  another   from High school appren-
        teacher, who uses it for his summer concrete
        pouring business.                   tice to CnC programmer
            Mr.  backes,  recognizing  dakota’s   in  the  world  of  engineering  and  it,
        exceptional talents, did not hesitate to choose   individuals  often  take  unique  paths  to  dis-
        her for this signif cant task. Dakota, thrilled   cover  their  passion  and  build  a  successful
        by  the  opportunity,  credits  her  conf dence   career. one such individual is dylan dynek,
        and  skills  to  the  support  and  encourage-  a  remarkable  graduate  of  Cudahy  high
        ment she has received from Mr. backes. the   school,  whose  journey  from  a  high  school
        project  involves  meticulous  work,  includ-  apprentice to a CNC Programmer at a local
        ing sanding down the truck’s paint and tack   manufacturer  of  equipment  used  for  the
        welding large pieces of sheet metal.  aggregate, mining, and recycling industries
            This  endeavor  is  not  Dakota’s  f rst   is both inspiring and commendable.  “Dylan’s journey from high school apprentice to CNC Programmer at Lippman is an inspiring
        foray into the world of metalwork. over the   dylan’s story is a testament to the power   testament to what one can achieve through dedication, hard work, and the pursuit of one’s
        past few years, she has crafted various metal   of seizing opportunities and nurturing one’s   passions. His story serves as a beacon of hope and motivation for current and future students,
        items,  selling  them  for  a  total  of  around   interests.  he  embarked  on  his  apprentice-  demonstrating that with determination, the sky’s the limit.”
        $200. her ambition and skill have not gone   ship the business while still in high school
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