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Special Combo Issue

                                                                                                          spring 2021, Volume 1
            TEACHING                                                                          anufacturing

                             TODAY WI                                      ™                        TODAY                               Wi       tM

                    WisConsin’s 4K–12 eDuCation ConneCtion                          ConneCting & exploring ManufaCturing in WisConsin

             Announcing the winners of the 2020-21                                                     Warhawk Manufacturing
                 Dream Career

                         Essay Contest                                          Technology and Engineering
                                                                                  Education Department
                                                                                Arrowhead Union High
            We would again, like to say a big hearty   Emma S. — Nursing, Ithaca High School  Warhawk   Manufac-
        thank  you  to  all  of  the  high  school  students   Alexandria C. — Ag Pilot, Prairie du Chien   turing  is  in  its  second  year
        and  middle  school  students  that  shared  their   High School        of  operation  at  Arrow-
        Dream Careers with us!                                                  head  Union  High  School  in
            This competition was open to the middle   Middle school Winners:    Hartland,  Wisconsin.  This
        school  students  as  well  as  the  high  school   Anahi L. — Panic and Crisis Counselor,   student-run  business  is  a
        students. We  will  be  publishing  the  winning   Cooper Elementary School (Page 23)  “small job” shop that makes
        essays starting with this issue, and they will   Aaron H. — Coroner, Saint Croix Central   products  for  the  school,  the
        also be posted on our website (www.teaching-  (Page 23)                 community,  and  its  business  partners.  At   The  students  launched  their  businesses                       Maximus R. — Detective, Cooper Elemen-  the  completion  of  the  senior-level  capstone   in late October. Several students have found
        High school Winners:                  tary School (Page 21)             course,  students  are  given  a  manufacturing   great  success  in  this  model.  Their  drive,
                                                                                                                   passion,  and  dedication  to  their  work  were
                                                                                scholarship to use for the next level of educa-
        Noah H. — Inventing and Engineering, New   Addison Z. — Pediatrician, Chippewa Falls   tion or tools for the workforce. This course is   clearly  evident  and  it  provided  powerful
           Richmond High School (Page 22)     Middle School (Page 23)           unique to Arrowhead as it allows for students   teaching opportunities for the instructors.
        Colin W. — Automotive Design, Arrowhead   Erin A. — Physical Therapist, River Ridge   to  experience  business  from  different  per-  One of the students, Jack, launched his
           High School                        Middle School                     spectives  as  they  work  throughout  the  year   site  on  a  Friday  afternoon  and  by  Monday
        Lauren P. — “As of right now . . .” Arrow-  Aliyah W. — Special Education Teacher,   for  the  student-run  company  and  for  them-  had  3  orders  for  his  firewood  rack.  At  the
           head High School (Page 19)         Bay View Middle School (Page 22)  selves.                            time,  he  was  virtual  and  asked  Mr.  Chris-
        Megan R. — Medical Researcher, Arrow-  Honorable Mentions:                 Arrowhead  has  had  a  blended  learning   tian  for  advice  through  Zoom.  “Mr.  C.  I
                                                                                                                   have some good news! I have three orders!”
           head High School (Page 21)       Michael T. — Carpenter, Cooper Elementary   model during the 2020–2021 school year. Of   “Really! Where to?” Mr. Christian said. “My
        Audrie A. — Construction Project Manager  School                        the 17 students, 4 were virtual at one point in   neighbor,  Indiana,  and  New  York!”  “That
                                                                                the school year. Classes like these are meant to
        Luck High School                    Lana Kate W. — Farmer, Cooper Elemen-  run face to face in order to develop skills and   is awesome! What’s the problem?” “I don’t
        Brandon G. —  Paramedic, Ronald Reagan   tary School                    produce products. How does one work from   know how to ship them there?” What a great
           High School (Page 19)            Jalissa C. — Neonatal Nurse, River Ridge   home in a company like this? Like most who   learning experience! After re-engineering his
        Honorable Mentions:                   Middle School                     experienced the shutdown of 2020, we were   original design and coaching him through the
                                                                                                                   shipping process, he took his original design
                                                                                forced  to  adapt  and  use  different  methods
        Kaia L. — Nursing, Arrowhead High School  Evan K. — Computer Scientist, Bay View   to  produce  work  and  educate  our  students.   which  cost  $924  to  ship  to  NY,  his  knock-
                                              Middle School
        Greta H. — Fashion, Arrowhead High   Hannah J. — Work with Animals, Shell Lake   The  instructors,  Anthony  Christian  and  Jeff   down  version  shipped  for  $56  and  allowed
           School                             Middle School                     Luetschwager coached the students to develop   him to make a profit. This is one of several
        Bobby L. — Financial, Arrowhead High   Alaina C. — Economic Development Officer,   their own businesses through the platform of   success stories they have had. Students have
           School                             River Ridge Middle School         Etsy. Each student created their own product   seen this opportunity, and the potential it has.
        Reagan H. — Up in the Air, Prairie du Chien                             that could be made from their home, marketed,   They have taken ownership of it. One of the
           High School                                                          and sold through their Etsy website.             Continued on page 8

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